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25 April, 2017

Shootin' Sassy - a Cowboy Love Poem

                 I've been known to write a fair piece of poetry. This one will get your heart racing.....

                   It's about my sexy husband...  you know, the one I paid Ten Dollars for off the Internet.... (Oh, you need to read that story if you haven't:  "The Best Ten Dollars..." and also "What Happened to that Hot Guy.....".  Then don't miss the "Wedding and Honeymoon Photos" that rounds up that herd of laughs!)

                                     Shootin' Sassy

                                             Your eyes roped me with their hunger.  
                                   Then pulled me close...
                           Sizzled me over the grill 
                       Of both our passions. Hot stuff!

            My cowgirl heart, Rustler of Love, wanted to jump
                     On mah horse, Ole  Paint.    
                          Wanted to run for the hills..    
                                 But I knew I'd lost the fight.

                                                     So, I lay, lassoed by your hot arms
                                             Helpless to run.
                                    Pressing tight against the trigger
                            Waiting for you to pull hard
                      To Kill me with your heart shot

                      You put a big hole in my willing, pumping heart. 
                             It died a happy death
                                   With those looks from your bullet eyes....  
                                             NO BLOOD!

                                            Did old outlaws of Love die so easily?
                                   Because the sleepin' up on Love's Boot Hill 
                           Was more serene than whiskey dreams unfulfilled? 
                    Maybe...  It felt so good, so right.

                   All I know is yah got me laid out flat
                            Heart-shot and happy.  
                                  Toes up, ready to be slung 
                                        Over yer saddle and bountied out.
                                         I'd even pay for the funeral
                                  If I could pick the coffin
                          With your warm arms to lie in
                      Warmed by your bullet eyes that killed me.

                 Whoever loaded that Colt .44 put all of your heart in it
                        He knew what he was gunning for.    
                              Yah got me dead to rights.

                               I could have sworn you were just some..
                         Ordinary cowpoke
                    Harmless and not much of a shot.
                                   Dead wrong and I'm happy to die.   

                            I felt your bullet eyes taking me down to ecstasy
                                  The heat and sweet behind them blasting me 
                             With the most peaceful bullet that ever hit.     
                         Dying in yer arms was easy.

                         I've died as happy as any rustler could 
                              Who was out to steal a hide or heart.  
                                      Even Ole Paint is a grinnin'. 

                            Just remember to bury me with my boots on
                                   And, Feller...
                                        Be good to mah horse.
                                              Sez me, Sassy, the Rustler


  1. Wow, poetry too, what a talent, you never cease to amaze me!!!! Very powerful and dramatic - impressive work Melinda!!!

  2. You are a woman of many talents!! Very impressive! Your pics are awesome too.

  3. OMGOODNESS, I have total goosebumps! Awesome Melinda, thanks for the ride